Bettering English Education In Government Schools

Krishna ByreGowda, MLA, Byatarayanapura Constituency  in conjunction with ILID-Achalabharathi, have embarked on their second, long-term program of bettering English education in government schools.

It is undeniable that higher paying jobs demand a good grasp of the English language. In order to better equip our children for the future, the KBG Volunteers partnered with ILID-Achalabharathi, an NGO which does just that.

Education involves much research. What should the subject matter be? What is the best way to hold children’s interest and make the learning memorable? How does one measure success? ILID-Achalabharathi has been dealing with such questions for many years now. Having taught in innumerable rural schools, they have had the opportunity to develop an engaging, interactive media based program they call Pygmalion-Vanasuma. The subject matter aligns closely with what the State’s education board prescribes so that the program does not become a burden on the already overworked teachers.

KBG Volunteers invited principals and teachers of twenty five government schools in the Byatarayanapura constituency to an introductory seminar.

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