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In an effort to raise awareness around green issues and to prompt citizens to live more responsibly, Mr. Krishna Byre Gowda, BBMP and Vyasa International School will be organising a one-day festival in Tata Nagar, Bengaluru on Sunday, 10th January, 2010.

The event will be inaugurated by Mr. Suresh Heblikar and Ms. Aindrita Ray and begins with a two kilometre walkathon. It will be interspersed with street-plays by school children from Parikrma. Once at the venue, Mr. Krishna Byre Gowda will also announce initiatives he is taking to make Byatarayanapura Constituency greener.

The venue will have 40 stalls sporting, among other things, a bicycle made of bamboo, solar water heaters, rain water harvesting workshops, documentaries about minimising our impact on the environment, workshops in ‘seedball’ making and garbage segregation, shrubs and trees, natural clothes and regional foods. People can even test-drive electric cars and high-end bicycles on site. Besides these stalls, there will be talks on water conservation and waste management by experts in their respective fields – Mr. S Vishwanath of Rain Water Club, Mr. Vellore Srinivasan of Exnora Green Cross and Mr. Anselm Rosario of Waste Wise. Regional and health food stalls will be open throughout the event. The celebration will end withfeet-stomping music and the announcement of the winner of the Lucky Draw.

It is a great way to spend a Sunday! Come on over!

The pamphlets below have the schedule of events, a map and contact numbers if you’d like assistance or more information

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