Committee to Inquire into Farmers’ Suicides

BELAGAVI: The state government has decided to set up a committee to inquire into the series of farmers’ suicides in June.

Agriculture Minister Krishna Byregowda told the Assembly on Monday that the government was shocked by the sudden spike in farmers’ deaths.

In order to find out the reasons, a committee will be set up soon, he added. He was replying to the discussion on the demands of his department for the current financial year.

“We are pained by farmers’ suicides. We are also unable to understand the reasons behind such a spike in suicides,” Byregowda said.

Further, he said, a vision group under Dr M S Swaminathan would be set up to study the agricultural conditions in the state, including the problems faced by farmers, and suggest remedies.

“I have already met Dr Swaminathan on behalf of Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and requested him to head the proposed Karnataka Agriculture Vision Group and he has agreed.”

Byregowda said the government has taken several steps to improve the income of farmers by encouraging mechanisation, judicious use of water through drip irrigation and latest practices like poly houses among many others.

The services of the Karnataka Agriculture Price Commission are also being used for the purpose.

“More than fixing the price for agriculture produce, the basic idea behind setting up the commission is to increase the income of farmers by decreasing input costs and increasing quantum of yield,” Byregowda said.