Thank You All!

Dear All,

My sincere thanks for the overwhelming support, affection and warmth you have shown me during the recently held Assembly elections.

I am thankful to everybody who has come out in support of me. Many residents and associations have volunteered their time and energy, several teams of volunteers have worked for my campaign with commitment and my party workers have worked tirelessly to strengthen our party ideals. I am deeply grateful for your confidence in me.

We have received a tremendous turnout of voters this assembly election. More than 63% of our residents voted in Byatarayanapura constituency alone and my party received more than ninety five thousand votes. I am proud of the people of my constituency for having come out to first exercise their vote, vote for the right majority and vote for progress.

In the coming days, I am committed to retain your immense confidence in me, and to carry our collective effort to put Byatarayanapura constituency into the continued path of progress.

Once again my hearty thanks for your love, support and best wishes.
Yours Sincerely,
Krishna ByreGowda