A day out Campaigning – Memoire of a volunteer

It has been an entertaining, knowledgeable and a consuming day in the midst of the summer.

Krishna’s house and office was buzzing with activity this morning as always. There were volunteers busy attending to their assigned tasks, well-wishers and party workers coming in and going out. The excitement was higher as KBG was filing his nomination.

As planned in the afternoon we all headed towards Gundanjenaya temple for some celestial intervention and later towards the Byatarayanapura BBMP office. The sea of people, well wishes, onlookers, supporters and party works turning out in thousands at the temple and at the BBMP office overwhelmed me. It is not often that I get a chance to see a humanity of this size marching towards a single task to be done. It clearly depicted the support Krishna commands as a legislator and the hope he brings representing the office of legislature.

Met Krishna at his house later in the day, wished him a successful run up to the office of the Member of Legislative Assembly yet again. He was his usual self, cool and composed and nothing indicated that he had been through the last few hours or he had a clue that he was the epitome of all the excitement, people, movement and energy we saw today.
Later on met Rajeev Gowda who was at Krishna’s place to wish him on his nomination. Guess there are always things that one learns from professors.

Further in the evening joined Meenakshi in her door to door campaigning at Sahakar nagar. The information gathered in a span of three hours equals to reading the local newspaper over months. People spoke on roads, security, Cauvery water supply, parks, Adhaar cards etc. It was amazing to see how the young and old, men and women connected to Meenakshi and to see them wish Krishna Good luck.

During the campaigning we came across a family who welcomed us to their house for a cup of coffee. Uncle R. Sadagopan who is a senior citizen was gracious to give us a peek into the book he was reading. The book was called Vedantasutras by Ramanujacharya. He gave us an introduction about the four Vedas, the four Upavedas and the six ancillaries of the Vedas. He told us about the Mantras addressed to the deities, the explanatory notes (Brahamans), the Aranyagas and the end portion of everything being the 108 Upanishads also called the Vedantas.

Its been a memorable day, events, life, energy, knowledge, fun, excitement and the power of people, cause and oneness.


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