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Online Post Metric Scholarships disbursements is one of the important welfare measures of the Government of Karnataka which is aimed at the educational up-liftment of Students.

Online Application Form for Post- Metric Scholarship For SC/ ST Students for Year 2014-2015 (Click Here)

Online Application Form for Post- Metric Scholarship For OBC (Backward Classes belong Cat-1, 2A,3A, 3B) Students  for Year 2014-15 (Click Here)

Online Application Form for Post- Metric Scholarship For Minority (Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, Parsis & Jains) Students  for Year 2014-15 (Click Here)

Budget 2013-14 for the Department of Agriculture

Politics should not come in the midst of pro-people work. Further, one should develop neutral thinking while working for farmers. – Krishna Byre Gowda

A Thought on the Environmental awareness day “One hundred years from now it won’t matter  what kind of car I drove , what kind of house I lived in, how much money I had in the bank Nor what my clothes looked like But the world may be a little better Because, I was important in the life of a child” – Krishna Byre Gowda

Playgrounds and parks play an important role not only in enhancing the beauty of the place but also a place to meet. – Krishna Byre Gowda

With the financial aid from the World Bank, Central and State Governments (50%, 35% and 15% respectively) for providing Health and Cleanliness to the citizens of Byatarayanapura Assembly Constituency, UGD works undertaken. The cost of the project is approx. Rs. 250 Crores. Long outstanding underground drainage works have been undertaken in ward 7 to ward 11, this will be completed in the coming months. – Krishna Byre Gowda